Welcome To Fatherhood, Man

I made the obligatory visit over to my buddy’s house the other day to visit the new baby. I knew I was going to have to coo and say how cute the baby was and even marvel over how much he looked like mom and dad, but what I didn’t realize was how much of a change their house has already gone through.

I mean, this house used to be the epitome of clean. Everything was in its place. The DVDs were stacked neatly on a shelf under the TV; the magazines were organized in the basket next to the couch; and the dishes were always neatly put away in the kitchen cabinets.

The baby is just a few days old and already, the house has exploded with baby stuff. Their house was not cluttered before, but suddenly, there is no room for any of their own personal items.

The DVDs are gone and have been replaced with diapers and wipes stacked haphazardly beneath the TV. In fact, you cannot even see the TV anymore because of the changing table that sits in front of it and the magazines are buried under all of the rattles and burp cloths. Not to mention the dishes that are littering the kitchen counter and sink.

Even their room is no longer their own because of the baby bassinet that sits at the end of the bed. I guess it’s natural for babies to sleep close to parents at first but really, they never get a minute apart, even at night!

I almost laughed at how many items the baby’s room actually had, though it was obvious none of it was being used since the baby was sleeping in the master bedroom anyways. There was a brand new oak crib, a lovely changing table and chest of drawers, a huge rocking chair, and hundreds of tiny little outfits folded and placed into all of the drawers. There were stuffed animals and toys and even clouds painted on the wall. I had to wonder if the baby would be old enough to appreciate all of the stuff long enough before he would want to get rid of it all.

As I wrapped up my visit and noticed the dark rings beneath my friend’s eyes, I tried to give him something to look forward to later that week. After all, even new fathers deserve a night on the town, right? “Dinner out Friday?” I asked. I saw a shadow pass over his face as he looked from the baby, who was peacefully sleeping in the swing that now sat in the middle of the living room, back to me. “Can’t,” he said. “All of this stuff,” he continued gesturing to the mayhem that had taken over the room, “it didn’t come free.”

I took that to mean that not only did he have very little time on his hands because of the new little guy snoozing nearby, but he also no longer had any money for himself. Welcome to fatherhood, man!

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NYC’s Best Food Trucks (2012)

You can’t go to New York City and not eat at a food truck at least once. The thing is, once you try one, you might become addicted. This was what I found when I visited, and CBS Local was right to pick the following among its top trucks. They offer variety to the local who eats here every day, as well as the makings of a three-course meal for visitors wandering around the city for an entire day.

At the top of many New Yorkers’ lists is Korilla BBQ Korean Tacos. The idea is simple: stick with a small menu selection: i.e., just Korean tacos. The beauty here is the choice within that limited selection. Diners choose to fill a burrito, taco, or chosun bowl with beef, chicken, tofu, or pork. Then they opt for a style of kimchi: refreshing, pickly, or spicy. (Not familiar with korean food? You can learn more about it here)There is just one thing no diner has a choice in: the mess. Expect this lunch to get a bit sloppy. Still, since three tacos cost less than a burger at most restaurants, you can spend your savings on napkins.

Mexicue is another economic option. If three Korean tacos were not enough, let traditional Mexican flavors fill you up. Try something with jalapenos, cojita cheese, pickled red onions, or familiar Mexican spices. Dine on pulled pork, or order a short rib taco. The chili rice bowl is topped with shredded tortillas. The menu is packed; the cost is low. Pay for lunch with spare change.

Perhaps all of that spice is a bit much for you. As an antidote, move on to another course: Wafels. Yes, waffles has two ‘f’s’ in English, but Wafels and Dinges (things) is a Belgian food truck featured by CBS Local, and with good reason: the fabulous flavors of Europe. You can down a BBQ pulled pork wafel if you like, but the family favorites are here too. Enjoy your waffle with Nutella, whipped cream, and strawberries.

Has the sugar from a Belgian waffle finally worn off after a jog in the park? Good. The Treats Truck could be pulling around the corner any minute, full of fresh baking, the aroma wafting through the New York City air. Fill that remaining gap with dessert nachos, oatmeal cookies, brownies, or one of the other many delectable treats.

Lunch was a long time ago. The next thing you know, it is time for an afternoon snack. Perhaps a lobster roll would keep you going until supper. Select the Connecticut or Maine style roll and a drink to go with it. Lobster is a bit more expensive than tacos, but the quality makes this dish worth its price tag. Even though it is a bit pricier to buy lobster, the cost of a lobster roll at Big Red is still far less than you would pay at a restaurant.

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